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Some of the drawings listed below are suitable for those who design their own models, and like to include vital parts in the drawings.  Others are of more specific items for modeling that each and everyone can make for themselves.  All the drawings are in DXF-format (DrawingExchangeFile), a format possible to import into most SW-packages.


  • Spigas 3 : Basic aerobatic model for 40-50 size engine.
  • Spigas 5 : My last for a.60 size engine.
  • Spigas E : Basically a Spigas 90 made with a balsa fuselage, to make installation of electric motor and batteries easier.

Engines and exhaust:

  • OS 140 RX : The 2-stroke for F3A
  • Webra 120R : The first available 'big' 2-stroke for F3A, the case is the same as the Webra 145R, and the rear exhaust Bully engines assembled in USA.
  • YS 120SF : The original YS 4-stroke, the newer bigger one's are almost exactly the same size.
  • OS 61RFP : The king from the 60-size 2-stroke era.
  • OS 46VF : Older rear exhaust OS.
  • Bolly EQ-60 : Super-light, very quiet pipe for 60 engines, still available.

Radio equipment: