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Out in the nature

Over the last couple of years I have taken the need for exercise more seriously.  It's a fact that one's general health is greatly improved by regular exercise.  I don't want to go inside a gym when we have these huge amounts of beautiful nature just outside our doorstep here in Norway.  Below I share with you some pictures taken while outside.

First from the area where i live, around the small town of Horten :

Spring flowers in the wood in Horten Sun shining throug In the Oslo-fjord, Langøya seen from Løvøya On Løvøya, steep terrain in almost untouched environment

Winter landscape in the mountains :

View over the lake Nisser, close to Vraadal View from the highest lift in Hemsedal

From the trail over the famous Besseggen :

From Bukkelaegeret View from the trail over Besseggen Besseggen, the trail goes up on the edge Moon-landscape on top of Veslfjellet

The mountain area around Ustaoset:

Hallingskarvet seen from Ustetind From the trail towards Prestholtseter close to Ustaoset We stumbled upon a small flock of Grouse Along Hallingskarvet

From a hiking trip down Aurlandsdalen:

A small waterfall close to Geteryggseter Along route from Geteryggseter to Østerbø An old farm high up in the wilderness Somwhere in Aurlandsdalen Somwhere down the valley between Østerbø and Vassbygdi